ALRE Scientific Advisory Committee

Dr Marianne Horak (Chairperson)


Sorolopha johngreeni Horak

Dr Horak retired in 2010 as head of Lepidoptera Research at ANIC and is currently an Honorary Research Fellow. She was the recipient of the inaugural JO Westwood Medal by the Royal Entomological Society and is editor in chief of the series, Monographs Of Australian Lepidoptera. She is best known for her work on Australian Tortricidae and the iconic scribbly gum moths.


Prof. Douglas Hilton


Prof Hilton is Director of The Walter And Eliza Hall Institute Of Medical Research and a Fellow of the Australian Academies of Science and of Technological Science and Engineering. He is an amateur entomologist and recently co-published the first revision of Australian Cossidae in 50 years. He is currently revising a family of small, primitive, day-flying moths, the Heliozelidae, that were last examined in detail by Ebbe Nielsen as part of his unpublished PhD dissertation. He serves on numerous scientific advisory board and research committees including the Hermon Slade Foundation.   

​Prof. John Stocker

Telanepsia stockeri Common & Horak

Prof. Stocker is an immunologist who worked for many years in the private sector. He served as CEO of CSIRO from 1990 to 1995 and as Chief Scientist of Australia from 1995 to 1999. He returned to CSIRO in 2007 as Chairman, a position he held until 2010. The koala scat moth, Telanepsia stockeri Common & Horak was named after John Stocker in appreciation of his great interest in biodiversity and his support for the ANIC.

Acknowledgements to CSIRO Publishing for the scat moth image from Common and Horak, Four new species of Telanepsia Turner (Lepidoptera: Oecophoridae) with larvae feeding on koala and possum scats, Invertebrate Taxonomy, 1994, 8, 809-828.​