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Our Society

Welcome to Moths and Butterflies Australasia Inc. (MABA). We are a not-for-profit organisation with charitable status that aims to encourage interest in the scientific study, research and conservation of moths and butterflies (Lepidoptera) in the Australian Region (Australasia). The society was founded in 2021 and provides a forum to unite people with similar interests in moths and butterflies across Australia, New Zealand, and adjacent islands. The society has a broad appeal to a wide range of interest groups, including amateur naturalists, photographers, conservationists and citizen scientists who are passionate about observing, collecting and studying moths and butterflies, not just professional entomologists. Thus, through community engagement we increase connectivity between various people, research institutions and non-government organizations, facilitating networks between experts and promoting collaborations.

Aims and objectives

The aims and objectives of MABA are:

  • To bring together in a scientific forum people of all ages and backgrounds interested in moths and butterflies;

  • To exchange scientific knowledge, specimens and observations of moths and butterflies in a social and congenial atmosphere;

  • To compile and disseminate information on the identity, taxonomy and distribution of all species of moths and butterflies, both native and introduced, for the purposes of advancing education, training, biosecurity and evaluation of pest status;

  • To promote and support the conservation of moths and butterflies and their habitats, and provide information to government agencies and non-government organisations on land use, threatened species and biodiversity for the purpose of advancing the health of the natural environment;

  • To lobby for improved funding and training for research on moths and butterflies.

Honorary Life Members

Len Willan

Officer Bearers

MABA has a dedicated committee of council members. More about the council members and who they are can be found on the Office Bearers webpage.


A copy of our constitution can be viewed and downloaded at the following link: MABA Constitution

MABA Guidelines on Collecting Lepidoptera

A copy of our collecting guidelines can be viewed and downloaded at the following link: MABA Guidelines on Collecting Lepidoptera

MABA logo designed by Sharyn Wragg

The logo features the drepanid moth Hypsidia erythropsalis Rothschild, 1896 a brightly coloured species endemic to the Wet Tropics of north-eastern Queensland, where it is restricted to tropical rainforest from Cooktown to Innisfail. Like many Australian Lepidoptera, the larval food plants, life cycle and biology are unknown, highlighting the knowledge gaps and opportunities for field discovery that typify so much of our vast fauna.

Sharyn Wragg

The logo was designed by Sharyn Wragg. Sharyn worked on Lepidoptera as an Honours student at the Australian National University (ANU), and as a technical officer in the Australian National Insect Collection, CSIRO. She currently works at the ANU Research School of Biology, but enjoys engaging in art, graphic, illustration and photography projects that highlight the beauty and conservation value of the Australian biota and landscape.